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Lady Liamva


Oromis, Lady Liamva, Dragon Riders


Sirangr (Father)
Noranualfr (Mother)
Vobongr (Brother)

Tharveral is the female dragon who was bonded to the elf Rider Lady Liamva, and the son of Sirangr.

Biography Edit

Tharveral hatched for Lady LIamva when she was seventeen years old. Very little is known about their early history together, except for the fact that they were both students of Oromis and Glaedr, and Glaedr took a very great liking to Tharveral because of her intelligence, and her lack of belligerence which was uncharacteristic for female dragons. The only competitor was the second rider and dragon there - the elf Myranda and her dragon Vobongr. Myranda was an arrogant egotist who was envious of being equal to Liamva in combat, as was Vobongr. After seventy years under Oromis, though, Myranda and her dragon left.

For over one hundred and thirty years, the two trained under Oromis, until they left him and set out on their own as independent freedom fighters. They participated in a series of battles with the Urgals in the Beor Mountains, in which they proved superior due to Oromis's training. It is mentioned that, at one point, they battled with Morzan's dragon and won. They were also reported repeatedly visiting Ellesmera. However, one day Myranda returned and massed a group of Urgals and dwarves against Oromis to take his place as the teacher of dragon-riders. Liamva fought for Oromis and for twelve years a war raged between Oromis's former students, and the riders who sided with Myranda. Eventually, the conflict came down to a sky battle between Myranda and Liamva, in which both were separated from their dragons. Whilst the two elves duelled, their dragons battled furiously in the skies, brutalizing the surroundings until finally Vobongr lost and was disabled on the back legs. However, Tharveral spared his life and allowed him to live with the shame of losing the use of his legs.

Appearance Edit

Tharveral is a huge dragon with magnificent silver scales tipped with the slightest black. She has an extremely compact and powerful body that is built for agility matched with immense strength. She has eyes of the intensest shade of byzantium, which are split by wire-thin, vertical black pupils. Her nostrils are shaped like teardrops. Tharveral has a very soft, silky voice, like the whispers of the wind, her spikes, teeth and claws are all a very fierce shade of gold.