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• 12/13/2012

Dragon Creation

In the creation process, this is the second step, after creating a character. This is only a place to create dragons for characters created in the Character Creation Forum. This is the template:

1. Dragon Name

2. Rider Name

3. Color

4. Physical and Mental Attributes

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• 12/14/2012

1. Ferja

2. Repra

3. Copper

4. Shines a brilliant copper, very fast but not as strong. Very neutral dragon that sees both sides of things. Hates no one.

• 12/16/2012

1. Auramo

2. Gagzog

3. Gold

4. Brilliant gold, even ballance of strangth and agility. Male. Nice to most except enemies. Also very wise.

• 1/14/2013

1. NoaMaokia

2. Cogsnag D. Bouseherb 

3. Grey(Scaleless)

4. As a Scaleless dragon he has no scales to deflect arrows and swords like other dragons but makes up for this by being able to fly fast then any scaled dragon since he is not weighed down by the scales. He is much like his rider in being smart, sneaky, and loyal. But, he is different from his rider by being fun, and playfull when you get to know him.

• 1/26/2013

Approved. However, you absolutely HAVE to change the skin color changing thing. I am sorry but that it not fair in the roleplays.

• 1/31/2013
Very well.
• 7/24/2013



3.Emerald Green

4. both rider and dragon are very young, Feanaro is a very quick flyer, rivaling his teachers in speed and agility, hoever he does not posses verry much strength, he is better of wearing down wards then baking his foes alive, than his is in a phisical grapple with another draggon. He and his rider share many of the same stengths and play off of each-others weaknesses. Very sedem does this dragon perform arcane feats, and when they do happen they almost always have to do with lightning.

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