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• 12/13/2012

Character Creation

This is where we shall post about creating new characters, such as dragon riders. THIS IS NOT A PLACE FOR DRAGON CREATION. Here we shall follow this template for creating new characters:

1. Name

2. Race

3. Sword and Dragon Color

4. A little background info

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• 12/13/2012

Before up there ^ was me.

• 12/14/2012

1. Repra

2. Elf

3. Copper

4. Originally from the city of Silthrim

• 12/16/2012

1. Gagzog

2. Urgal

3. Gold

4. From Flam Lake colony

• 1/14/2013

1. Cogsnag D. Bouseherb

2. Portrayed as a Human

3. Grey Will exlplain

4. Cogsnag is a strange person not much is know about him. When he meat Eragon he was allready with his dragon and had been with him for some time. He hails from a strange place he has yet to reveal but when asked which direction he flew to Alagaësia from he says north whether he lives north or was just traveling there is unknown. He has a dark mask over his face at all times claiming it is attached from a greavious wound only his dragon has seen his real face. He is not the strongest person but he makes up for it in brains and stealth. His favorite food is bread and is a good baker. His sword is made from another dragons scales he found somewhere because his dragon was born as a rare scaleless dragon. Allthough not much is known about him once you get to know him he is a great and loyal friend.

(OOC) So what do you think I am willing to make changes mainly about the scaleless dragon part. Anything else I would agree to a change but I am rather fond of it.

• 1/26/2013
Approved. I like it.
• 1/31/2013
Quite good my sir.
• 7/24/2013

1. Ranyu (no known parents)

2. human

3. Green

4. was found near the city of Osilon as a baby, his parents were most likely from the town Ceunon. The elves that found him raised him as their own untill he was 15, he had never been skilled with the use of magic, the most he could do was heal a small bruise. he had pre ferd to pretend he was being chased and he would go and climb trees to get away from his would be captuors. when he reached the age of 10 he found an old rusty sword in the grass about a mile south of the town. from the moment he saw that sword all he did was train with it. when he was 15 he ventuured off to ellesmera to see if one of the dragon eggs would hatch for him, the moment he entered the square where the dragon eggs where being presented an egg began to crack, once the small hatchling was free it ran towards him. Ranyu was imediatly tested on his strength in swordsmanship and magic. when he turned 16 he and his dragon were sent off to meet their new masters.

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